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Single Family Renovations

Single Family Renovations

KRB Development is Phoenix’s residential remodel and renovation specialist providing construction services for property managers, general contractors, homeowners and more. We understand the importance of taking care of an investment property and look forward to helping you turn your investment into a profitable venture.  Maintaining a rental property, requires work and a sufficient budget to cover repairs, improvements, or upgrades. Whether you need a whole house renovation, a room addition, or just a kitchen remodel, our team is ready to ensure your rental property is in the shape you need it for your next tenant.

Whole House Renovations ● Kitchen Renovations ● Bathroom Renovations

We have the systems and processes in place to make the experience turnkey for our clients, as well as keeping the projects on track and within budget. As a full–service residential contractor, KRB Development works with our clients from the first stage – which is design, to the final stage – which is picking the right materials and final touches to meet your needs. Our employees are experienced and highly skilled, and it is our goal is to make sure the final product meets and exceeds our client’s expectations.

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